Video is fast becoming a must-have when it comes to digital marketing, with viewers consuming more video content than ever. If you’re looking to improve your business website, then video should unquestionably be a key element to your digital marketing strategy. 
We share our top 5 reasons you should be using video content on your website below. 
1. It’s eye-catching 
There’s no doubt that landing on a website home page which utilises video is much more engaging than one which is text heavy. In fact, people are likely to spend 60% longer on a website with video. Need we say more? 
Placing video footage on your home page will guarantee a memorable and favourable first impression for your customers. Whether you opt for a bespoke video or stock video footage, the key is to highlight who exactly your company is and what you can do for the viewer as succinctly as possible. For smaller businesses especially, a short “hello” from the proprietor here can help build trust much more quickly than simple text statements. 
In addition to looking good, video also plays an important part in building a compelling narrative around your brand. As a storytelling medium, you can (and should) use video to show the human aspect of your company and create a connection with your audience. 
2. Fast and convenient 
We just don’t seem to have enough time anymore. Your customers are no different, and with the fast-paced world we live in, it is important to create content that packs a punch. 
Video content helps you get your point across as quickly and concisely as possible. It also helps your audience learn about your company or services without exerting much effort at all. Watching videos is familiar to us, it’s comfortable. 
Unlike long-winded copy, video is easy to consume. You have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, and it’s much easier to do so with compelling visuals than it is with text. 
3. Testimonials 
Video testimonials can be considerably more powerful than written testimonials. Your business’ reputation is important to your future customers, and potential customers like to see real people who have already used and experienced your services. Where a written testimonial could be untrustworthy (how do they know you didn’t just write it yourself?), videos add much more authenticity to a review. 
Video testimonials are also a great way to promote your business without being too salesy. Customers will feel a strong connection to seeing somebody just like them who has benefited from your services and will therefore be much more likely to invest in you. 
Your video testimonials don’t have to be Hollywood-quality, but it is important to make them look as professional as possible, if you want to be taken seriously by your customers. If you use a video clip from a platform such as Zoom or filmed on an iPhone, then it may be worth hiring a video editor to streamline your footage into an ideal length of two minutes maximum. Video editors can also help with improving the image lighting and quality and improving the overall look of your content. 
4. Easy to create 
As we already mentioned, your video content doesn’t need to have a mega production value feel to it, but it’s definitely worth spending a little time learning the best techniques for video success. 
The good news is that recording video has never been easier, with the majority of us having access to powerful video cameras right in our pockets - our smartphones. 
Videos filmed on smartphones can be instantly enhanced by using a gimbal, such as the DJI Osmo 3. A gimbal will make sure that there isn’t a shaky, out-of-focus video in sight! 
It’s also worth remembering the importance of lighting when filming videos for your website. If it isn’t possible to use natural lighting, then make use of as much artificial light as you can. Unless you want your video testimonial to give off some serious anonymous silhouette vibes, then make sure you consider your lighting carefully! 
The final tip worth bearing in mind for creating your own video content is focusing on sound quality. It’s worth investing in a separate mic, especially for content such as interviews, Q&As, vlogs, or testimonials. If you’re shooting outdoors, then consider researching wind socks. There is nothing worse than a muffled and inaudible video! 
Ultimately, it’s quite easy to film, edit, and produce your own videos for your website, but if you would rather outsource to a professional, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Videographers can be hired for as reasonably as £200 for a two-minute promo video, which is worth every penny if the end product efficiently represents your company. 
5. Better search engine rankings 
Video is great for SEO, as it keeps visitors on your website longer. When search engines rank your site, an important factor taken into consideration is the length of time people spend on your website. In fact, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google when you have embedded videos on your site. 
So, by creating engaging video content which captivates your audience and keeps them sticking around a little longer, you’re doing your SEO a huge favour! 
When Google bought YouTube, search engine rankings saw a huge increase in the importance of video content for SEO. We at it’seeze know first-hand the impact that video has had on our clients’ websites, with companies using video content seeing much higher click and conversion rates. 
Now that you understand the benefits of using video content on your website, why not take advantage of professional support to do so? The Web Design team at it’seeze Portsmouth is happy to help you with sourcing local videographers or advising you on the best way to implement video onto your website. Contact us today to find out how your business could benefit from video marketing on your website.This content will only be shown when viewing the full post. Click on this text to edit it. 
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