Virtuous Developments: Dignified & Dependable 
Meet Virtuous Developments 
With 30 years of experience split evenly between them, James Wilson and Sam Ayres were determined to create a development company that could be relied upon. 
Both fathers, they recognised the need for a construction services company that promotes family values and was fair to its customers - both through complete professionalism and a desire to meet the requirements of each individual project and through their belief that communication is key to a good working relationship. Both proudly post their contact details on the site and try to build relationships with customers that stand the test of time. 
Maybe it was this shared value of personal, accessible service that drew them to it'seeze in the first place? 
Spotting an ad for it'seeze website Portsmouth, James and Sam knew it was time to take their business to the next level with a site that reflected their hard-working ethos. It seems only right that one local company found another through Pompey Mag ( - a new local community magazine! After a brief chat with Richard, our website design in Portsmouth expert, Virtuous Developments were hooked - and have never looked back.This content will be shown in the summary on the main blog page. Click on this text to edit it. 
The venture: a website in development 
Because Virtuous Developments is a fairly new company - they’re just five years into the endeavour - Sam and James are aware that their business is growing and shifting constantly. 
As such, they wanted a website that fairly represented the projects they had already taken on and completed, as well as ones that would hint at what they could achieve in the future. This balance between experience and vision needed to infiltrate every aspect of the site, ensuring visitors knew that they were dealing with a modern, yet qualified and professional, company. 
Meanwhile, they wanted to encourage customers to push boundaries, working with them to create developments in spaces that previously seemed useless or underutilised. Their love of construction shines through in talking to them, and we wanted it to stand out just as much throughout their site. 
Having already gone through a professional branding exercise, they also wanted a site that perfectly matched the brand they had created, drawing together the logo, colours and fonts. Our Portsmouth Web Designer was in for a challenge - but happy to take it on! 
The vision: it’seeze x Virtuous Developments 
There were several of our features that James and Sam were keen on when they first spoke to Richard. The ability to easily add images and text to the site meant that they would be able to constantly update their portfolio, adding to it as projects were completed. 
On top of that, having Richard and the team on hand meant that they had ongoing personal support in every venture - from tweaking the site to their needs to just adding more content when they were too busy! 
Before the launch, there were several content meetings, with Richard providing a copywriting service. The content - not filled with jargon but not skipping details - became a key feature of the site. 
The virtual: how the Virtuous Developments site came to life 
Working with Richard, James and Sam decided that our Plus 5 Page Package was the best solution for them to begin with, on the understanding that our monthly subscription model meant that they could easily expand to a 10 Page Max Package as and when it suited the company. 
Like all of our sites, the Plus 5 Page Package features ongoing site updates, an easy-to-use editor, and digital security and GDPR compliance as standard. What stood out in this package for Virtuous Developments was the ability to add videos to the site, as well as documents in PDF format - making them easily downloadable by clients wherever they are. 
This was just the first step in making the company accessible to all, however. Though quite a small site, there was an obvious need for contact details to be available. Our designers cleverly dispense with the traditional ‘contact us’ page in favour of smart icons on every page which fly out when hovered over, and take the user straight to the relevant application if clicked. 
Not only did this free up space for more demonstrations of Virtuous Developments’ achievements, but it also meant showcasing their ethos of being constantly contactable. 
Like the contact icons, testimonials can be found throughout the site too. By not limiting them to a hidden-away page that users have to search for, site visitors are regularly reminded of Virtuous Developments’ professionalism and high standards, as told by their happy customers! 
Easily navigable, two of the site’s pages are split into Domestic and Commercial Services, showing off their ability to do both without confusing visitors. Both pages feature insight from James and Sam, demonstrating their love for the work they do, which is further emphasised by the bright, smiling pictures embedded throughout the site! 
Whilst the Commercial page lists Virtuous Developments’ capabilities - in clean, easy-to-navigate sections - their Domestic page is a little different. Here, above the ‘how can we help you?’ section, you’ll find a reassuring 3-step plan: ‘3 Steps to a Successful Home Project’. 
We have to give credit to Richard’s copywriting efforts here: this simple, calming feature is a game-changer for anyone who’s a little nervous about embarking on their first home renovation project. It mentions their “no-obligation” policy, as well as their promise to provide as accurately as possible a quote and estimated start date. 
The morals of the company truly shine through here: Virtuous Developments are trying to demystify the construction industry, and this sleek, calm site demonstrates that admirably. 
Last but certainly not least, the ever-changing ‘Work Examples Page’ allows Virtuous Developments to showcase their latest work, offering inspiration to those browsing and reassurance for anyone about to take the plunge. The Plus 5 Page Package comes with substantial image storage, so James and Sam can add plenty more projects to the completed tab without worrying about running out of site space! 
What James & Sam had to say 
“Really pleased with the work that has been carried out and the end result. Brilliant stuff, big thank-you!” 
We’ve loved bringing the Virtuous Developments website to life, and hope to continue to work with Sam and James as they grow their business and thrive. 
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